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Hi, my name is Cat! I am originally from New York, but stayed in Washington, D.C. after college to work at the local children's hospital. After two wonderful years of helping children in the D.C. area, I decided to return to school and pursue a Master's degree in Early Childhood Education. Boston University was my top choice, so I thought I'd brave the cold and ship up to Boston! Right now, I work full time as an Assistant Director of Stewardship Communications at Boston University while I finish up my degree.

I am from a big family (the youngest of five girls!) and when I’m in New York, most of my time is spent watching my two nieces. In addition to watching them, I have completed two semesters of student teaching and spent three summers as a camp counselor for children ages 4-6. In my free time, I like to read, work on puzzles, and explore Cambridge’s restaurants. I love a good craft, I enjoy playing outside, and I am excited to meet your family!

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