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Hi! My name is Kristin and I have been a full time nanny for 12 years. Most of my experience has been in the newborn - 5 year old range, although I'm very interested in working with older kids as well-helping with homework, after school activities, and the like. Originally from central Florida, I fell in love with Boston while visiting my cousin at BU and decided that I had to go to college here. After obtaining my BA in Psychology, I came to realize that I felt happier and much more fulfilled during the time I was babysitting, and I knew that my skills could be put to good use while working with the younger set. It was a smooth transition to being a nanny and I've never looked back. I am always actively seeking out new, fun, and seasonal activities to do with children, whether it be a story time, craft, cooking, or exploring outdoors. I've been told by more than one family that their children love reading and going to the library thanks to me, and I couldn't think of a better compliment! In my free time I love to read, snowboard, bike, follow decor blogs, do yoga, and catch up on Jeopardy.

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