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Hello! In 2014, I left my native Denver, Colorado to attend Northeastern University and have been in the Boston area ever since. After graduating with a degree in finance and political science, I started a job at The Ski Monster in downtown Boston, where I have been working as a clothing buyer, ski tester, sales associate and copywriter. As one could probably imagine, the ski scene is slow in the summer months and I am looking forward to filling that time as a Savvy Sitter.


I started babysitting as soon as it was allowed in Denver, when I was 12 and continued to do so through my first few years of college. During that time, I was the regular part-time nanny for two families, taking care of the kids after school as well as during the summer months. In addition to my babysitting and nannying experience,


I was a lifeguard at the neighborhood pool for seven years running, also using that time to teach kid’s swimming lessons, both group and private. I look forward to meeting your family!

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