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Alex Curran-Cardarelli is a writer, film producer, and project manager for events in arts and culture based in Charlestown, MA. Born and raised in Salem, MA, she graduated from Denison University with a B.A. in English with a focus on creative writing and a minor in art history. From 2018-2021, Alex lived in Lao PDR working at the Luang Prabang Film Festival. Since returning to the states this past spring, she has worked a series of jobs in arts and culture, and has been babysitting and nannying in between opportunities. 


As a sister to twin younger brothers, Alex has been a caretaker since a young age, and began babysitting for family friends when she was 12-years0old. Alex was also a summer camp counselor and after school supervisor at Brookwood school, and a member of the Big Brother Big Sister program in Newark, Ohio. In 2014, she began nannying two twin 9-year-old girls, and joined the family on domestic and international trips ranging from long weekends to three week periods. 


Alex is known as the "mom" of her friend group, and prides herself in transparent communication between parents and letting children be their most authentic and creative selves.  

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