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Hi! I am Isabelle, a native to upstate New York but I have lived in Somerville for the past 4 years and I absolutely adore it. I graduated in 2018 with my BS in Biology and have worked in a variety of healthcare settings. Most recently, I ran a plastic and reconstructive surgical practice for a surgeon out BWH, where most of our patients were women with breast cancer. It was incredibly rewarding and challenging work. I wanted to expand my practice and ability to assist my patients and decided to go back to school, and started back at Simmons University last fall in their accelerated bachelor's of nursing program. I will graduate in December 2023 with my RN/BSN and I look forward to working in mother/baby and pediatric nursing. 


I am fully vaccinated against COVID19 and I also receive my flu vaccine every year as a healthcare worker. I have a lot of experience working with children, I have been a babysitter for most of my life and I have experience with developmentally and physically disabled children, as well as medically fragile children. I am BLS and CPR certified for both adults and children. I am comfortable with caring for children of all ages. I look forward to meeting you and your families!

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