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Jordan Bashaar

Hi, my name is Jordan! I'm 20 years old and a Communication Studies major at Northeastern University. I am one of five children and grew up surrounded by kids; I have been babysitting my siblings, cousins, and neighbors for over 7 years. Hanging out with kids is one of my favorite things to do! I also love reading, watching movies, and going on walks. I am a lifeguard so I'm CPR and AED certified. A fun fact about me is that I go by my middle name! My first name is Rebecca, which is a namesake for my great-grandmother, but since I was born my parents and friends have called me Jordan.

Emily Burke

Hi, my name is Emily and I grew up in Holliston Massachusetts. I have been taking care of children my entire life, growing up with a twin brother and sister who were ten years younger than me and countless cousins in the Boston area. I have extensive experience with children of all ages, from newborns to high school. I am CPR certified for infants and adults and get a refresher training each year. I work at Hult International Business School as the Head of Student Services, and have a passion for learning about new cultures and languages. I am fluent in french and certified to teach it in the state of Massachusetts, and am currently in the process of taking Spanish. I'm looking forward to meeting you and your family!

Molly Curran

My name is Molly Curran and I am a 27 year old working professional living in Charlestown MA.


I just began what I hope to be the start of a wonderful career with the Boston Seaport Hotel and World Trade Center. Prior to that, I was nannying for 2 boys (ages 5 and 6). I was with the family full time for about a year and a half. 


I grew up taking care of my little sister who is 6 years younger than I am. I was a camp counselor for 7+ years at Sandy Island Family camp in New Hampshire (run by the Boston YMCA). I'm really laid back and open to just about anything thrown my way! 

Sarah Havens

My name is Sarah and I am also one of the co-founders of Savvy Sitter Boston.


I am originally from the Adirondacks in Upstate New York. I have been babysitting since I was about 12 years old and continue to today.Before I moved to Boston 10 years ago I was a live-in nanny in Westchester County, New York for 4 little boys for 4 years. It was one of the most rewarding and fun jobs I’ve ever had.


I currently work as an Office Manager for a hotel in Boston and babysit a few evenings per week.  While in Boston, I spent 7 years volunteering weekly at a homeless shelter in Dorchester working with the children in the shelters.


I love doing arts and crafts projects with children, from drawing pictures and painting to creating books and making light sabers out of paper towel rolls. I enjoy unlocking the creativity and the imagination in children. 


I am available to babysit evenings and on the weekends. I have experience babysitting children ages newborn to teens.

Kira Hernandez

My name is Kira Hernandez, I’m 27 years old and I recently finished graduate school at Hult 

International Business School, I majored in International Business.


I am a friendly, easy going person, with a maternal kick encrypted in my personality. Whenever I see children I cannot help but smile at them and make funny faces to make them laugh! 


I am the oldest of three siblings and since I was very little, about 7 years old, I used to 

help my mother with my brother who is 4 years younger than me and with my sister, who is 

5 years younger than me. My mother was a stayed at home mom so she really did not need my 

help when it came to her mommy duties but it was more me offering to help her eagerly with 

the little ones, because I got deeply in love with babies since those early days. 


Children always feel very at ease with me, and I also make sure to gain their trust pretty quickly 

by just letting them be themselves and have an interest in what they like and what they do, I 

love to involve myself with their activities and help them out with anything they might need. I 

would definitely say that one of my qualities is that I am a very patient person, and I am always 

calm and objective in every situation, this is also why I think children feel so at ease with me 

and they all get to like me pretty fast.


Maryane Lahaie-Aubut

Hello, I am Maryane! I am from Canada and I have been in the United States for over a year now. I recently graduated from Hult International Business school with a Masters in International Business. I am currently working as a telesales caller to recruit students for Hult International Business School. I am a very organized person, patient, trustworthy, flexible and fun. I have experience with children through varied volunteer experience in my local community and during my cooperation work in a local community in Nicaragua. I am a certified chef so I like to cook. I speak fluent French and would love to teach kids French too! I have traveled to many different places around the world. I love to learn about new cultures! I look forward to meeting your family!

Brie Mainiero

Hi! I'm Brie, and I have been a full time nanny in the Boston area since 2011, though I have over 12 years of childcare experience. I am comfortable working with kids of all ages, but most of my recent experience is in the 0-4 year range. Currently, I am working Tuesday-Thursday for a happy, determined, and curious 11 month old in Charlestown. I am also a freelance photographer - specializing in newborn/child/family portraiture, and a committed organizer of a local volunteer group.  

I consider myself a very active nanny - it is important for me to get out and about with the kids, whether it's taking a walk to a local park or playground, visiting a museum, attending free classes at the Boston Public Library branches, or meeting up with other parents/nannies to get the kids together for a playdate. I came to Boston for college and have lived here since I graduated in 2010, so I am very familiar with the city and how to get around to local child-friendly places.  I am a huge advocate of reading, music, dance parties, art projects, getting outside, and getting messy (...and all cleaned up by the time you get home)! 


I look forward to working with you and your family!


Maggie Murphy

My name is Maggie and I've had a variety of different experiences with kids.  I was a nanny during college for several summers.  When I started, the kids were 7 months and 3 years old. Most of my friends have children and I have two nephews who I adore running after. I specialized in taking the kids on adventures (whether it's the park, or a museum). 


I'm a Career Development Advisor at Hult International Business school.  I work with young Master's students on their job search strategies and help them find work after graduation.  


Fun fact: my middle name is Hemingway and I'm distantly related to Ernest!



Looking forward to working with your family!


Rachel Brown

Hi, my name is Rachel! My mom had a daycare in our home while I was growing up (and now she's a child therapist!) so I learned from the absolute best. I grew up surrounded by kids and she "hired" me as a mothers helper once I turned 12. I babysat full time every summer and part time throughout the school years since age 14! And I worked as a full time professional nanny for 5 years after graduating from BU. I also worked in a residential program for children with autism. I have TONS of infant and twin experience and consider my specialty to be birth to three! In my spare time I volunteer as a victim advocate and play piano. Fun fact: I'm a diehard Pittsburgh Steelers fan and am trying to travel to see them play in all 31 stadiums!

Jillian Clancy

My name is Jillian, and I’m a 27 year old professional living in Charlestown. I work in Cambridge at EF Education First as a Sales Manager. In my free time I love to be outside as much as possible and spend time with my family and friends. I have over 13 years of babysitting experience, and also like to fill some of my free time with babysitting! I started babysitting when I was 11 and continued to do so throughout high school and college. I attended summer camp for 12 years, and spent 5 of those years as a camp counselor. To this day, I still babysit for families when needed over the weekend or even after work. I have experience with children ranging in age from newborn to 15 years old. I’m very comfortable with babies and children of all age! I have a 4-year-old niece. We spend a lot of time together running around, practicing basic math, and just having fun!


In my day-to-day role at EF, I am the Manager of our entry level Sales Team. I manage 15-20 recent college graduates and am responsible for developing them into more senior sales roles within EF. In my role, I am responsible for overseeing all of the hiring and the entire training program. With this fast-paced, need to be proactive environment combined with all of my interactions with my niece, I am able to feel comfortable in a variety of babysitting situations.

Cassie Downey

I have been a full time nanny in the Charlestown area since 2010, currently working with one and six year old siblings. I have over ten years experience working with children in both childcare centers and private homes; ages ranging from newborn to pre-teen. I am CPR certified (infant, child, and adult) and consider myself to be a confident caregiver. In my free time I like to be outside! Running, hiking, biking, kayaking, or just walking I enjoy spending as much time outdoors as possible.


 Fun Fact: Growing up I was a competitive tap dancer! I still have a huge love for Broadway, music, and dance. 

Alyssa Judem

I’m a 27 year old professional who lives in South Boston and works as an Admissions Manager at a graduate business school in Cambridge. I love to babysit kids during my free time and have over 13 years of babysitting experience.  I started babysitting when I was 12 years old and continued through my teenage years after school, during my college breaks, and spent multiple summers working as a full time nanny for a family with four kids. To this day, I babysit for families on the weekends and after work. I have experience with children ranging in age from newborn to 18 years. I’m very comfortable with babies and kids of all ages.


In my day-to-day role at the business school, I am responsible for managing the application flow of all prospective students as well as running events and keeping current students happy. In a way, I think babysitting and working at a fast-paced, high energy school has quite a bit in common! I am very level-headed, have a lot of common sense, and am reasonable, fun and responsible. I’m happy to provide references if we talk and think your family and I are a good fit. I look forward to meeting you and your family!

Lauren Kuruc

I have been babysitting since the age of 12. I was a full time nanny in the summers throughout high school and college. After college, I decided it was time for a change and I moved to Boston 6 and half years ago without a job. I moved to Charlestown and fell in love with it! I nannied for a year and a half for a family in Charlestown with two small children.


For the past 5 years, I worked at Education First in Office Management, a matching specialist for Cultural Care Au Pair, and working with students from all over the world at Hult International Business School. I have been babysitting for several families around the city of Boston after work, on weekends, and have even gone on a few vacations with families. I am CPR/First Aid certified. I have experience from newborns - to pre-teen. I have also been called the baby whisper. I love being around kids. It's fun to help them learn and grow through music, helping them use their imagination, being creative with arts and crafts, and teaching them new things. I have always been passionate about working with kids, their energy and laughter is contagious! I could not be more excited about Savvy Sitter!

Lizzie Manganiello

Like most of my peers, I started babysitting at the age of 12. As one of five, babysitting was my only opportunity to get some alone time (and a separate source of income that my brothers didn't know about; I'm a triplet so naturally everything was shared growing up)!


I continued to babysit through high school and college, but the majority of my work with children was developed in my seven years as a camp counselor, which included both a K - 8 day camp in my hometown, and an overnight camp for socially and economically disadvantaged pre-teen girls; and eight years as a ski instructor, where I taught all ages but specialized in 3 and 4 year olds. 


I currently nanny part-time for two three year old boys in Charlestown, and work as a PR/Marketing consultant. When I'm not at the playground or on an adventure with the boys, I enjoy tackling one of NH's 4,000-footers, designing websites, teaching myself Illustrator, 
hunting for the best cup of coffee in Boston, and developing my yoga practice (I'm currently training for my 200-hour yoga teacher certification). 


I'm comfortable caring for all ages, and look forward to meeting all of you at some point!

Olivia Rodriguez

My name is Olivia, and I’m a 26 year old native of Duxbury, Massachusetts.  I have been babysitting since the small age of 12 – and I love working with kids!  My experience over the years has varied, and I have had the opportunity to sit for children ranging from newborns to age 13.  Most of my experiences in the past year have been working with ages 1-3, and with multiples under the age of 5.  Outside of standard babysitting experience, I also have worked as a summer camp counselor with boys and girls ranging from 5 – 15 years of age.  I taught music lessons for several years to middle school age children, and additionally spent several summers volunteering with a sailing program for physically and mentally handicapped youth.  I am comfortable with all ages, and groups of children!


I currently live in Boston’s North End, and work close by in East Cambridge at a tech company called CarGurus.  Outside of work, I love to be active!  I enjoy making the most of the New England beaches in the summer time, and will do absolutely any water sport from paddle boarding, to kayaking, to swimming.  In the winter, I enjoy skiing, practicing yoga, and exploring Boston’s restaurant scene with friends and family.  Fun fact:  I lived in Barcelona for 6 months, and grew to be an avid traveler!  


I look forward to learning more about your family, and meeting your wonderful kids! 

Jenn Welch

Hi, my name is Jenn Welch and I am so excited to be a Savvy Sitter! I have over 20 years of babysitting experience. I am currently the Associate Director of Admission and Diversity at Thayer Academy, a private school located in Braintree, MA. Since graduating from the University of Vermont in 2001, with a BA in Psychology, I have always worked with kids in some capacity. Whether it is volunteering and teaching in the Boston Public Schools, traveling the country educating college athletes, or helping Boston city students gain access to some of the areas top private schools - education and service learning has been a big part of my career. I love spending time with kids of all ages - from newborns to young adults - especially my teenage niece and nephew! I have lived in the South End for the last ten years, and enjoy being in a neighborhood filled with good food, and friendly faces. I have recently rescued a brand new pooch named Ella Grace, who has been an amazing addition to my life. I really look forward to meeting many of you!

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