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Hi, my name is Jordan! I'm originally from Central Massachusetts and have been living in the North End for a few years. I went to Becker College for Interior Design and later decided to switch to the construction side. Currently I'm an Assistant Project Manager for a commercial construction management company in the Seaport. 


I've always had a second job, whether it was in childcare or the restaurant industry. Since high school, I have babysat neighbors' children, cousins, and now my friends' children. I was also a camp counselor in my hometown for years, interacting with kids from the ages of 4 to 14, though I am comfortable with any number of children, ages 1 and up. 


In my free time, I love hanging out by the water, traveling as much as possible, and spending time with my family (including my pup, Frank!) I look forward to meeting your family!

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